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Welcome to the World of Real Estate Investing

It has been said , there is no better vehicle in which to gain wealth than investing in Real Estate."  There are many books out there on investing.  I am not a very patient man, I am interested in results, not stories. I have read 2 books on investing. There is normally a lot of general information with no follow up training. There are many seminars available on Real Estate investing; I attended one 20 years ago.  Seminars are good but very general.  They tell you what can usually only be accomplished in certain markets.  For example, purchasing with no money down can only be done in a very weak market.  Buying a property and selling it a year later for a large profit must be conducted in a very strong market.  A lot of seminars are hyped to sell their tapes and books. I often wonder just how successful these people have been in Real Estate investing.  It is obvious they are successful public speakers and motivators, but how much money have they really made doing what they are now teaching. I believe over 90% of the people attending seminars receive little or no success with their Real Estate careers while their dreams die because of lack of on the job personal one on one training.

If you have read my web site you will find a few things.  My experience is extensive and can easily be documented.  Have you ever read a book or been to a seminar where they have given you several transactions they have completed to be able to verify their profits and claims of great success?  I can provide that.  You will also see that my life is an open book, I am a real person living and investing in Buffalo, NY with endless references.  I have performed every kind of Real Estate transaction taught in seminars that I can personally teach or pass on to you.  

It is my intention to continue my Real Estate investing and to add to my business the sale of my knowledge and business system of buying and selling Real Estate. My system works and has a proven record of success.  I have been investing in Buffalo, NY for 21 years, 15 of which have been in a down market.  Let me share with you the packages I am offering. 

Prior to the purchase of any of these plans, I will spend 15 minutes on the phone with you to understand your level of expertise and the market conditions in which you will operate in and conduct your Real Estate business. By doing this I can determine if I can help you with the information I am providing.  







This is a very basic package, primarily for a beginner with little capital to start with. You will learn two key ways to advertise along with how to target properties to purchase for resale. Again depending on the market you are in you will be taught proven purchase methods to find and buy below market properties.  In addition, you will receive 2 hours of one-on-one counsel by phone or in person, where you can ask any and all questions that are specific to your needs.  $300/hr one-on-one counseling after initial consultation. 



Same as Bronze plan with the addition of marketing your properties for sale on my website for a fee.  We will also consider joint ventures on properties you find to purchase. 



Same as Silver plan with  8 hours of one-on-one in person time in my office and/or in the field. In addition you will be allowed to use all my contract forms and applications.



Same as Gold plan with 2 days (16 hours) in my office and/or field. Plus we will create and set up your web site and allow you to link to our site.
All plans require a signed non-compete agreement within 90 miles of Buffalo, NY.



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