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Matthew 25:35 Foundation

Pilgrim Properties was founded by Dan Glushefski and incorporated in November of 2004. Pilgrim Properties is the 3rd Real Estate Company founded by Dan since 1984. Dan was born and raised in Tonawanda, NY which is a suburb of Buffalo. In 1976 he barely graduating from Kenmore East Highschool and joined the US Coast Guard. After 4 unproductive years in the USCG Dan traveled throughout the country and settled briefly in Sacramento, California, where he took one semester of college and worked in automobile sales. In 1981 he moved back to Buffalo and worked in the Health Club industry for 2 years. In 1983 with a couple thousand dollars and no experience Dan and a close friend purchased a bankrupt small tavern in Williamsville, NY. In 1986 a major change of life occurred, after 9 years of knowledge and countless opportunities, Dan finally accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior and became a Christian. He quickly sold his bar and found himself without a job and at 28 years old, not much experience and little education for any good paying occupation. With only some sales experience he turned to Real Estate and was licensed in 1986. Not seeing a lot of potential for sales in a market where the average home sold for $60,000, Dan purchased his first property, a two family home on Buffalo's West Side for $19,000. It was run down, with bad tenants, required a $2,000 down payment and about all he could afford. In one year Dan repaired the property, placed new tenants and sold it for a $10,000 profit. With the 10K he purchased 3 new properties and formed his first company WCB Enterprises, admittedly a very weak name. Over the coarse of the next 5 years Dan purchased about 25 properties, in which he rehabbed and resold holding about half of them. The year 1990 brought more change, all good. Dan married Maria in September  and in November they attended their first Bible believing Christian Church. Like most things in life there are varying degrees of effort in which one can work, participate in something or set out to accomplish a certain objective. Such was the case with Danís  new found faith in Jesus Christ. Prior to setting foot in that church Dan was attending Church services once a week but had never read the bible, understood what he really believed in and most importantly never put any effort into building a relationship with God.  That quickly changed and Danís new understanding of a Christian walk would soon form the foundation for EVERYTHING in his life.

In 1991 Dan committed his business to God and changed the name to Cornerstone Properties. The name was taken from the scripture Matthew 21 v 42 The stone (Jesus) that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone. Over the coarse of the next 8 years Dan purchased approximately 200 pieces of property in every fashion imaginable, (no money down, options, owner financing, cash) and turned them over holding about 40 properties at any given time. In 1999 partners were taken on and Cornerstone was incorporated. Danís focus and motivation changed over time and with that a desire to have the freedom to operate a business completely at his discretion. So in Nov of 2004 Cornerstone Associates Inc. was closed and Dan formed Pilgrim Properties. 

Why the new name of Pilgrim Properties?

As a Christian I am just a pilgrim on a journey to be more like Christ living the life He has given me to glorify Him. I am just passing through this thing we know as life until I live eternally in Heaven with Christ.

Why is it necessary  for me to involve and constantly mention my faith in business?

First, I am not a Real Estate Investor who happens to be Christian, I am a Christian who is a Real Estate Investor. When I die I will no longer be a Real Estate Investor but I WILL still be a Christian, which will make all the difference in the world,  at least to me.

Second, I cannot separate Christianity from anything I do. There are critics who say it is used as a tool to get more business or to possibly deceive people into trusting me more. Some critics hate the fact that God should be mentioned at all. Some who do not understand Christianity believe a Christian cannot be a capitalist and make  profits in business. Some believe your faith should be private and the list goes on. My intention is not to offend anyone or to believe because I am a Christian I am better or should receive anything special. It is who I am. And I will clarify further. I am a Christian because of Godís mercy and grace. Thatís it. I canít and did not earn it, I can not be born a Christian or just say I am one. My salvation was given freely to me when Christ died on the cross for my sin and I freely accepted Him as my savior.

Third, I honestly believe that God is in control of everything. I believe that only by the grace of God I am not a drunk, divorced, or even destroyed. I believe that it is God that allows me to prosper and He alone. Without God in my life I would destroy my life within two weeks, because it is in my selfish nature. I cannot speak for anyone else and I am well aware there are many people who function and even prosper without God. But I cannot and that is why it is necessary that I need Jesus in my life, thatís His grace for me.

Lastly, as a bible believing Christian it is not a suggestion but a command to go into all the world and share the gospel. I take that very seriously. Anyways, what man upon finding a great treasure would not share it with everyone if he were free to do so and it would not take away from what he has been given? So being that God has placed me in a position to own my own company, another reason why I felt it necessary to be back on my own, I will use this company as a platform to share the gospel. In fact,  please understand , I am more than happy to possibly lose business because of my open faith and willingness to mix business with belief. Have you ever seen a devout Muslim or  Jew compromise their position and faith. There are countries who boldly proclaim to be a Muslim Nation but none that are a Christian Nation, because we fear what the outcome of that declaration may bring, we compromise. I respectfully do not want to compromise. However as a Christian I will not discriminate against anyone who does not share my views or beliefs, I never have and never will let it affect any business transaction or how I treat someone.

If anything I shared or stated is not clear or causes any confusion please do not hesitate to call me at 716-400-1921


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