Internet Sales Disclosure
Matthew 25:35 Foundation

Internet and long distance Real Estate transactions do not need to be risky or a gamble. They are however, when you are unfamiliar with who you are dealing with. Many, not all, of the people selling property in the Buffalo market are not sharing information honestly or accurately. In many cases very run down and poor neighborhoods are portrayed as excellent and houses needing several (10 to 25) thousands of dollars in repairs are said to need minor cosmetic work. I like to use a numbering system from 1 being the worst to 10 being the best to rate a neighborhood and the exterior and interior of a home to avoid not only gross but even minor misrepresentation. I recommend you hire a realtor or have a friend drive by the house to see it and the neighborhood. Call the police and a few different businesses to get an unbiased opinion of the area. And of coarse if possible fly here, get a tour of the house, area and Buffalo itself.


1.  I  LIVE  HERE - Born and raised in Buffalo NY, in the suburb of Tonawanda. Iím in the phone book, have an office here and I am easily accessible. A lot of people selling Buffalo property do not live in Buffalo or just have a local cell phone, just moved here or are here temporarily. Here today gone tomorrow. I have been investing in Buffalo Real Estate for 25 years, 19 of them in a down market and  Iím still here.

2.  SOLID BUSINESS  REPUTATION   in the community.  People know me and of my company. After 25 years and 800 transactions, over 400 purchases, (approximately 25 internet sales and approx 50 sales from out of state referrals and another 300+ local sales), attorneys, businesspeople and city officials know who I am and are aware of my excellent track record.

3.  LICENSED REAL ESTATE AGENT/BROKER for 20 years. Hundreds of realtors know me or have heard of me.  As a licensed Broker I am regulated by New York State.

4.  INTEGRITY AND HONESTY in every transaction. As stated prior I give full disclosure of condition and location of all properties sold.  I will overestimate expenses and underestimate rents so there is no disappointment after the sale. In numerous instances after a sale was closed money was spent at no cost to the buyer to either put in carpet, fix a roof, side a portion of a property, install or fix a furnace or electric system or paint a house.


What this means is that although many of my sales are quick flips where I buy something to resale quickly, this fact in itself is not a negative thing. What is a problem and many activists are up in arms about is when unscrupulous investors sell problem properties, dumping a run down property on an unsuspecting buyer and deception in the information given about value and cost of repairs, quality of neighborhood or projected rental income. You can ALWAYS count on accurate information from me. But you should always still do your homework and ask questions.


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